Ways to Foster Team Trust

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A team with no trust is merely a group of people working together and making mediocre progress. They may fight over responsibilities and rights. It doesn’t matter how talented the team members may be, if there’s no trust, they won’t reach their full potential. 

Here are some ways used by motivational coaches to foster team trust. 

Lead by Example

To build trust within your team members, it’s best to lead by example. Therefore, you must take every opportunity to show your team what trust looks like. 

If you lead a virtual team, treat them the way you would treat them face to face. This entails making it to every online meeting on time, keeping promises, and following those promises with the right actions. 

Communicate Openly

Trust comes with open communication. Encourage team members to communicate in a meaningful and honest way. To do this, you can use different strategies. 

Firstly, you need a team charter that defines the role of each person in the team. After presenting the charter to your team members, ask them about their expectations. 

Secondly, you can organize different team-building exercises. If you plan them well, they can become excellent ice breakers and help people open up and begin communicating.  

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Get to Know Others Personally

The best way to create a meaningful connection is bonding over personal stories. You can do this by asking your team about their hobbies. As we mentioned earlier, lead by example. Share your hobbies first and invite others to talk about theirs. You’ll be surprised to know how many people share similar interests. 

Another way to know them personally is to socialize with them during lunchtime or after work. You can schedule team lunches once a week and have an informal group discussion on different topics. 

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