Traits of Self-Actualized People

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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who presented the theory of hierarchy of needs. It is a five-tier pyramid model with physiological needs like food and water at the bottom and self-actualization at the top. 

People who have reached self-actualization are those who have addressed all their other needs, and are on their path to reach their full potential. 

Here are some traits of self-actualized people. 

They Enjoy Peak Experiences

Peak experiences are described as sublime moments of elation and joy. These moments are unique and easily stand out from regular everyday events. The memories of peak experience last longer, and self-actualized people often compare these experiences with the spiritual. 

An example of a peak experience can be encountering an artwork and feeling a deep emotional connection with the work and the story behind it. 

They’re Accepting 

Self-actualized individuals are accepting of others and themselves. They don’t have any inhibitions, which is why they enjoy their lives without any guilt. 

Moreover, they treat others as equals and don’t judge others based on their background, culture, or socioeconomic class. 

They’re Realistic

Self-actualized people possess a sense of realism. Instead of fearing what is unknown to them, they take their worldly experiences in stride and view life logically and rationally. 

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They’re Problem-Centered

Self-actualized individuals feel motivated when they have a responsibility or when their personal ethics come into play. They love applying problem-solving skills they learnt from their experiences. 

They’re Autonomous

These people prefer living independently. They don’t like conforming to others’ notions of contentment and happiness. Their perspective on everything is unique, and this originality enables them to appreciate the beauty of every moment. 

They Enjoy Their Privacy

Self-actualized individuals value solitude and privacy. This is not to say that they aren’t very social. These people prefer taking time out to check in with themselves about their personal discoveries and individual potentials.

They’ve Got a Thoughtful Sense of Humor

These individuals usually have a philosophical sense of humor where they laugh when they have to. They ensure that they don’t joke at the expense of someone’s insecurities. Instead, their jokes are intellectual. 

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